jewish-center-of-princeton has an article on the offer by the Jewish Center of Princeton to provide housing for a Syrian refugee family, in the event of one being accepted for resettlement in the New Jersey area. The idea of housing a refugee family was first proposed to the congregation by Rabbi Adam Feldman during the last Sukkot holiday, a time associated with “creating peaceful shelters”.

The resettlement process to the USA is typical a lengthy one, taking at least two years for Syrian refugees, but shelter and housing are always the top priorities of any refugee family that resettle to the USA. To this end the Jewish Center of Princeton have been in contact with other agencies helping refugees in the New Jersey area, such as the HIAS and First Friends of New Jersey & New York Corp to help connect a refugee family with the center.

A congregation member,Melissa Hageri, expressed in a letter the sentiments behind the center’s desire to assist a Syrian refugee family;

We know what it means to be homeless, made to leave places we once called home and to wander seeking freedom.  We have been, at various times in our history, refugees and strangers in strange lands.

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